Roasted Bean coffee Bar

The Roasted Bean Bar coffee shop for those need Offering a selection of coffee, nitro coffee, gourmet pies, tea, smoothies, frappes, milkshakes, sweet and savoury options to suit all tastes.

The roasted bean bar and soho coffee roasters offer a range of speciality coffee products

  • Our award winning coffee roaster selects its beans from selected farms from several different origins each offering a unique flavour profile
  • Our barista are constantly trained to ensure that we always serve the perfect cup
  • For those who prefer a cold beverage we offer either cold brew coffee or nitro coffee both brewed using our secret recipes
  • The Roasted bean bar has a delicious collection of food items specifically paired to be enjoyed with one of our coffee products

Espresso Martini

The newly opened club hotel sports bar has espresso martini on tap, the special recipe using soho coffee roasters single origin cold brew and infused with nitro